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    LGBTQIA2S+ Persons and Relationships

    “Emotionally constructed relationships are instinctual and central in human life. Everyone has a relationship, has lost a relationship, or has simply longed for one.” — Walt Odets.

    Stigma, in any form, is an impediment to the well-being of those who experience it. Given the added stressors that LGBTQIA+ relationships must confront, such as heteronormative attitudes, homophobia, prejudice, coming out, and discrimination, finding a therapist who is LGBTQIA+ affirming, sex-positive, and works confidently with LGBTQIA+ issues is crucial to your personal growth.

    Although LGBTQIA+ and heterosexual relationships have much in common, LGBTQIA+ persons bring unique elements to the relationship table. They aren’t held to the constraints and norms of heterosexuals. In fact, they are freer to innovate and invent what they want to be. You will not be helped through a heteronormative, conventional filter. I am committed to helping clients of all genders, sexual identities, and expressions feel not only safe but truly respected.

    As a therapist and person, I know how difficult unhappiness in a relationship can be. Constant arguing, sexual dissatisfaction, addictions, infidelity, past traumas, unsolvable problems, and unmet needs to name a few, can leave you hopeless and lost.

    Below are some of the common areas about LGBTQIA+ persons that I help with in therapy:

    Gender roles

    Having a child together. Who does what? What if we separate?

    Outside homophobia and heterosexism

    Why won’t you come out?

    Opening up/Polyamory

    Ethical non-monogamy

    Mixed-orientation relationships

    Negative communication

    Unsolvable problems


    Sexual and intimacy issues

    Past trauma


    Unmet needs

    Children from another relationship

    Parenting differences


    Lack of boundaries


    Whether one person or more, my approach will affirm you as you are, and together, we will seek to understand your struggle and pain to help you move forward in achieving your goal of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

    If any of the above relates to you or your relationships, contact me today. I would be happy to speak to you about how I can help.

    We will do more than validate your pain. Together, we will create new meanings to your suffering and pain. We will expand beyond your limitations through improving, repairing, and problem-solving.