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    Divorce Counseling

    Are you considering divorce or separation? Marriage is one of life’s most significant experiences, and so is divorce. Often, couples approach divorce divided: one wants to try harder, and the other wants to move on. Divorce counseling can help you and your partner figure out whether to end the relationship or not. 

    If you find yourself feeling any of the following:

    • constantly at opposite ends
    • resentments about past hurtful incidents
    • unresolved about infidelity or betrayal
    • not ready to give up
    • a need for better communication

    … then Divorce counseling can help.

    I can help you and your partner decide to divorce or reconcile through critical couple conversations. We will also create a plan (for either decision) addressing your most important concerns, such as children, finances, parenting, etc. I will help you maintain a safe and secure environment to have these conversations.