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  • Can Marriage Counseling Really Help Your Relationship?

    When I first started my practice, I remember reading a statistic about divorce that I found shocking. And that was that 40-50% of all marriages in the United States ended in divorce.

    According to recent surveys, however, the divorce rate in the U.S. fell by 18% between 2008 and 2016. While everyone has their theory as to why the rate is falling, the theory among therapists is that marriage counseling works, and more couples are trying it.

    If you and your spouse are experiencing difficulties, here are some reasons why you should give marriage counseling a try:

    Identifying Patterns

    One of the most significant benefits of seeking counseling is having help seeing negative behavioral patterns, whether those patterns are yours as individuals or as a couple. Healing can only begin once patterns have been recognized.

    Impartial Advice

    A therapist is unlike a friend or family member who will take sides and give potentially harmful advice. Marriage counselors have a track record of dealing with all sorts of marital issues and want to understand what’s going on to offer the best healing strategies.

    A Safe Space

    Marriage counseling offers both spouses a safe space to be open and honest with their feelings. Complete honesty can have adverse effects if not delivered in a suitable space. Counseling offers a safe environment in which no one is ever judged.

    A Place to Rebuild Trust

    Trust is the bedrock of every relationship. But it is hard to put the pieces back together when that trust is broken, as it is through infidelity. Marriage counselors have years of experience dealing with issues of infidelity. Counseling explores different ways to rebuild trust one step at a time.

    Bringing Out Toxic Emotions

    Did you know that trapped toxic emotions are one of the main reasons marriages break down? When feelings of anger, resentment, and frustration are locked deep inside you, they fester and worsen matters. Counseling offers the space and opportunity to release these emotions in healthy, respectful ways.


    Divorce is not your only solution if your relationship is on the rocks right now. Thousands of couples have been helped by marriage counseling, and it’s worth it to you both to give it a shot.

    If you’d like to explore counseling, please be in touch. I’d be happy to discuss how I may be able to help.